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Laurentiu Cancel

My name is Laurentiu Cancel and I've created x-engineer.com out of passion for engineering and web design. The purpose of x-engineer.com is to provide the users a set of online tools for engineering education.

x-engineer.com combines the power of web design with engineering applications.

The applications hosted on x-engineer.com will be dedicated to educate the user in a range of different domains:

  • Automotive Engineering
  • Controls Engineering
  • Systems Engineering
  • Mechanics
  • Physics

The main purpose of x-engineer.com is engineering education, but it can be used also by hobbyist and professionals to increase their level of knowledge and understanding of a particular topic.

IMPORTANT! All applications developed on this site are my personal projects and they are not related in any way with the company in which I'm currently employed or with the companies in which I was employed in the past!

For more engineering tutorials you can also check my site x-engineer.org.

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