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  • Electric vehicle performance and range simulation
    • 8th of January 2024: v.2.1
      • CHANGE: rolling resistance calculated with fixed Cr (was function of vehicle speed previously)
      • BUG FIX: the torque calculation for 0-100 kph acceleration takes also into acount rolling resistance and aerodynamic drag
    • 19th of June 2022: v.2.0
      • BUG FIX: battery power calculation during energy regeneration (negative power) fixed (Pbatt = Pmot * eff), previously was Pbatt = Pmot / eff, which is true but only for traction (positive power) case
        • continuous torque calculated as percentage of peak torque
        • motor peak torque and base speed calculated also function of acceleration time (0-100 kph) and transmission ratio, with the assumption that 100 kph is obtained at base speed
        • added motor and inverter efficiency model, function of torque and speed
        • battery sizing is done using average efficiency input parameter
        • cycle simulation is done using 2-D efficiency map
        • motor efficiency plot (function of simulation time) available in the Results section
        • cycle torque and speed points are overlapped with efficiency map to highligh motor operating points
    • 12th of May 2022: v.1.1
      • ENHANCEMENT: added user input field for axel load ratio [%] during acceleration
      • ENHANCEMENT: added user input field for custom speed profile
    • 10th of May 2022: v.0.1
      • BUG FIX 1: for performance simulation take into account the mass factor for rotating elements, which increases the overall mass with 5%; FIX IMPACT: the acceleration time will slightly increase, the range will slightly decrease
      • BUG FIX 2: when calculating the energy consumed at the wheel over the cycle, multiply the auxiliary power consumption with inverter efficiency and driveline efficiency; FIX IMPACT: slightly decrease of specific energy consumption [Wh/km]
    • 7th of May 2022: v.0.0 : initial release.
  • EV battery sizing calculator
    • 15th of April 2023: v.1.1
      • Added charging parameters (inputs) and Charging time (output)
    • 12th of February 2023: v.1.0
      • First release